As the Hirao Factory starts full operation,
we are expanding our four key lines
to take new steps forward.

Morihiko Furuta

Message from the President

Once again I thank you one and all for your steady support of Furuta Confectionery and our products. The growth and development of our company to date is fully due to your kind patronage.
Our Hirao Factory, the first new Furuta Confectionary factory in 40 years, was completed in September. As the new factory comes fully on line during this fiscal year, we are expanding our product lineup with the introduction of many new items. This is an important step for our fresh initiatives to cultivate additional markets. This year is the start of a new phase in consolidating our strengths as a manufacturer, and we are focused on working together with all of our partners toward further development.
The four key product lines of our confectionery business will be supplemented with a variety of new offerings. Additional types of Nama Cream Chocolate are being introduced, and the well-received Sequoia Chocolate line is reaching its 40th anniversary. Our Chocolate Eggs with popular Disney Tsum Tsum and Pixar themes are also selling strongly. New baked confections, especially the Everyone series, and other new products will come from the Hirao Factory.
In chocolate for industrial use, a market area we pioneered in Japan, Furuta Confectionery continues to serve many specialized needs. The startup of the Hirao Factory takes us to a new level of product strength, as we strive for further quality improvements consistent with our ISO 22000 and FSSC 22000 food safety certifications.
Determination, energy, and smiles are our most important assets as Furuta Confectionery continues to tackle fresh challenges and changes. I look forward to your ongoing counsel and support.

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