- To Bring a "Smile Factory" into Reality

Morihiko Furuta

Message from the President

I thank you one and all for your faithful support and patronage of Furuta Confectionery and our products.
In the 60-plus years since our founding, with "taste, dream and health" as the motto, our business has grown steadily, which owes entirely to your kindness and consideration and for which I am indebted.
In addition to further enhancement of products and service we provide at present, with the aim of responding to change, we will open a new factory in Hirao, Sakai City, this summer. Thus, we will make new proposals to truly become a "smile factory," a factory that puts a smile on the faces of people around the world by providing tasty, high quality confections.
We supply a well-developed new lineup of products this year, which include "Kin-no-Nama Cream Chocolate" that has an excellent melt-in-the-mouth quality, "Asa-no Sequoia Chocolate" that has a new angle, as well as baked confections including "Harmonia" cookies, while the "Choco Egg" series abounds in new subjects, featuring such characters as "Super MARIO," that marks its anniversary and "Star Wars," of which the latest film will be released.
Also, as a pioneer company of professional-use chocolate, Furuta Confectionery has gained the favor of various customers.
This year, through the enhancement of production at the newly-built Hirao Factory and strengthening security and safety, by acquiring "ISO22000 / FSSC22000," we will demonstrate our collective strength as a chocolate company to make renewed efforts for producing characteristic products.
We wish to put smiles on people's faces throughout Japan and all over the world. I ask for your continued guidance and encouragement as we keep taking on the challenge of bringing a "smile factory" into reality.

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