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Message from the President

I thank you one and all for your faithful support and patronage of Furuta Confectionery and our products.
In the 60-plus years since our founding, our business has grown steadfast, which owes entirely to your kindness and consideration, and for which I am indebted.
At Furuta Confectionery, we continue to work hard day in and day out, always bearing in mind to "Change", "Challenge" and "Create", or as we say -- the "3Cs". We do this because the only way we see for both us and our business partners to benefit and grow is for us to untiringly deliver better products rather than contenting ourselves with past performance results or ways of thinking.
We see ourselves as a "smile factory" that puts a smile on the faces of people around the world by providing tasty, high quality confectioneries. So, we are building the ways and means to propose and supply products of even higher quality than before. We want to help you improve your business not only by creating new products but also by continuing to supply a lineup of products you have long stood by such as our highly popular three Nama Cream Chocolate series, our Sequoia series and baked confectioneries, which have been steady favorites of consumers over the years, our Chocolate Egg series that continues to add new ideas even after 15 years on the market, and our Doremi Song Chocolate and Mini Oppai Candy that have captured the hearts of children for 35 years now.
I ask for your continued guidance and encouragement as we keep producing new ideas for putting smiles on people's faces.

Morihiko Furuta
President, Furuta Confectionary Co., Ltd.

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